Organization Learning Network Membership Enrollment

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The Dakota Resources Learning Network is designed to help rural communities and rural economic development leaders connect and engage with one another in order to explore and learn more about topics that matter most to rural economic and community development:  engaging people, supporting housing development, supporting local businesses, and managing local economic development organizations.  This network of regional communities is growing fast, thanks to the proven successes and amazing collaborations.

The Dakota Resources Learning Network membership allows your local economic development leaders to connect with others through a vibrant online community of rural change leaders that includes:

  • Two live/on-demand webinars each month
  • Peer-to-peer learning video conferences 6 times per year
  • Weekly online interactive stories and best practices
  • Open Source toolkit and resources library access

Network members who pay for an annual membership ($1200) also receive tickets to two of the four network gatherings.

  • Two complimentary tickets to your choice of two of the following:
    • Dakota Resouces Empower Sessions ($100);
    • One learning retreat ($100 value);
    • One learning journey tour ($100 value);
    • One online/offline workshop ($100 value)
  • Additional tickets or access to events are available for $100 per person
  • Member pricing for On-Demand Coaching Options (to take advantange of Member Pricing for On-Demand Coaching options, click the Shopping Cart on the Payment Page to Continue Shopping)



You can add up to three (3) additional individual network participants to your membership on the next page for $100 each additional participant.

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